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Danggene Consulting LLC

Danggene    /danG:ɛnɛ/ 

Danggene is the Ahtna word for Eyak. These are the founder's two tribes. The Eyak people live at the mouth of the Copper River, and the Ahtna people live upriver. There is a long history of the tribes working together in the harsh Alaska climate. Light-hearted inclusion, ingenuity, and teamwork define Danggene Consulting. We strive to bring these values to all we do.

Richard J Stevens III - Founder

 Richard Stevens, the mind behind Danggene Consulting LLC, a cutting-edge Alaskan business specializing in project management for technical and functional upgrades and support in the Oracle ecosystem. With a background in computational physics, Richard boasts a unique perspective on technology and its various applications. His expertise has been utilized by ERP and HCM teams to elevate their performance and transform them into proactive teams that consistently deliver outstanding results.

Richard's unwavering commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail make him an invaluable asset to any team seeking to implement new technology solutions. Whether you're looking to upgrade your software or launch a new project, Richard is the go-to expert who possesses the knowledge and skillset to help you achieve success

Richard has been involved with the Oracle Applications and Technology User Group (OATUG) since 2018. He has served as a board member and is currently the chair of the Emerging Leader's committee—he serves as a Mentor in the Emerging Leader's Mentorship program and presents at OATUG's annual conference.