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OATUG Insight Magazine - Winter 2020 Edition

    • Better Communication, Better Results


  • OATUG: Emerging Leaders Committee Panel Discussion (2022) - Using Mentorship to Advance Your Career

  • OATUG (2020) Cut the Jargon - Better Tech Communication for Better Results

  • OATUG: Professional Development Week (2020) Data Literacy - The Art of Story Telling for Non-Scientists

  • OATUG (2019) Achieve Success as an Emerging Leader by Proposing Business Value

  • OATUG (2019) Training Metrics - Measuring the Elusive Value of Training

Speaking Engagements

Ascend 2022 Conference - Oracle Applications and Technology User Group (OATUG)

    • Lead Within Your Space - Self Direction with a Purpose (Presented with Lee Edwards)

    • Twenty-Two Habits of Highly Effective Oracle User Group Members - Catalysts Powering Your Success in 2022 and Beyond (Presented with Mohan Dutt)

Ascend 2021 Conference - Oracle Applications and Technology User Group (OATUG)

  • Data Literacy - Data Driven Decisions for Non-Scientists

  • 21 Ways to Eat a Frog - Secrets to Achieve your Goals Faster (Presented with Mohan Dutt)

TribalNet Conference and Tradeshow 2019

  • Executive Level Communication: Technology